Comprehensive Spending Review Debate

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Comprehensive Spending Review and the proposed cuts in university funding

Summary of the debate held on the Comprehensive Spending Review at the MURG autumn workshop, 22nd October 2010, University of Bedfordshire.

REF 2014


logo for word documentMURG’s  response to the first consultation on the Research Excellence Framework [REF 2014] (February 2008)


logo for word documentMURG’s response to the second consultation on REF 2014  (December 2009)


logo for word documentMURG member universities and the REF panels (February 2011)


This is a summary of REF panel members and secretaries from MURG member universities


logo for word documentMURG’s response to BIS consultation on the eighth framework protocol [FP8] (December 2010)



logo for word documentMURG’s response to the consultation on the Higher Education Innovation Fund [HEIF], April 2011


MURG’s response to the consultation on postgraduate research funding, 20th June 2011

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MURG’s Response to the Consultation on the Concordat to Support Research Integrity, May 2012

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