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MURG supports the Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers and is one of the signatories.

MURG is delighted to announce that Kait Laughlin, Postgraduate Researcher from the University of the West of Scotland will be the new chair of the MURG Postgraduate Sub-Committee.

Kait was formally welcomed to MURG at our Spring Conference on 28th March 2012




Kait also met the members of the research funding councils:

From Left to Right: David Blaney, Director of Strategic Development, HEFCW ; Paul Hagan, Director of Research and Innovation, Scottish Funding Council ; David Sweeney, Director (Research, Innovation and Skills) HEFCE ; Kait Laughlin, MURG Postgrad Chair & University West of Scotland; Prof Peter Strike, MURG Chair & Vice Chancellor, Cumbria University.

The Postgraduate Subcommittee will meet for the first time at the University of Hertfordshire on 3rd July.

The other members of the committee are:

  • Amy Moon (Greenwich University)
  • Lewis McGibbney (Glasgow Caledonian University)
  • Ruchit Purohit (Kingston University)
  • Leah Komen (London Metropolitan University)

Further details of the committee

Leah Komen: Leah  is a second year postgraduate research student at the Department of Media and communication at London Metropolitan University. She has a masters of Art in Development Communication.

Kait Laughlin: Kait  is a PhD student at the University of the West of Scotland, studying “Poverty & Human Rights in Scotland”.

Amy Moon: Amy is Lead Research Fellow, at the Research Centre for Children, Schools & Families, Department of Psychology and Counselling, University of Greenwich.

Lewis McGibbney: Lewis is a PhD student at Glasgow Caledonian University studying “Opening up Scottish Technical Standards and the process of mapping static documents to semantic datasets which can be used in next generation web applications”.

Ruchit Purohit: Ruchit is a full time third year PhD student and a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the School of Surveying and Planning at Kingston University. His PhD is on    “Decision-making in Built heritage Practice in London, UK.”

 MURG Postgraduate Sub-Committee – BACKGROUND INFORMATION

At MURG’s executive committee meeting in September 2011 it was decided to establish a new postgraduate sub-committee. MURG is committed to postgraduate career progression as a signatory of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. The chair of the new sub-committee will also attend the Executive Committee meetings to feed issues to the committee on postgraduate and early career researcher issues. The new committee will also be tasked with organising a conference for postgraduate researchers at modern universities.

The Chair will also be funded to present a short paper on their research at one of the MURG events and will also benefit from a mentor from VITAE to support them through their year-long office as Chair of the postgraduate sub-committee.

 It is hoped that the new position within MURG will follow principles 13 and 14 as set out in the Concordat:

 “13. Employers and researchers can often benefit if researchers have an input into policy and practice  through appropriate representation at staff  meetings and on organisation or management  committees.

14. Mentoring arrangements should be supported by employers as a key mechanism for career development and enhancement.”

Information about the committee

 There will be 5 people on the postgraduate sub-committee – the Chair and 4 Ordinary Members.

 The postgraduate sub-committee will have its initial meeting at the same time as the MURG executive committee meeting in July 2012, to allow everyone to be introduced to the new committee. Thereafter the postgraduate sub-committee will liaise via email / Skype etc. 

 The aim of the postgraduate sub-committee will be to establish a network of postgraduate researchers at MURG member universities and to communicate with this network via email or other appropriate method. The committee will be expected to canvas the network on the issues pertinent to the research of postgraduate students and to feed this back, via the chair, to the MURG executive committee. They will also be expected to develop a workshop specifically aimed at postgraduate students to investigate these issues further.

Information about the Chair of the Postgraduate Sub-Committee

 The chair will be expected to attend all MURG executive committee meetings (approx 3 per year). The aim will be to feedback all issues relating to postgraduate research to the executive committee and to update them on the progress of the workshop.

 The Chair will also be invited to give a short paper on their research at one MURG event.

 MURG is delighted that Jen Reynolds at VITAE has agreed to mentor the Chair of the postgraduate sub-committee.  There will also be a short training session for mentor and mentee prior to the start of the mentoring scheme. The aim of the mentoring will be to support the Chair in learning more about committee work as well as on their research activities and future career.

 It is envisaged that the Chair will hold the post for 1 year and then step down to allow another postgraduate to take on the role and receive mentoring.

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