About MURG

This section contains information about the:

1. MURG Executive Committee. The committee comprises seven academics from MURG member institutions. There is  a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer as well as the ordinary members.

2. MURG Member institutions. MURG has 44 member universities.

3. MURG key contacts for each member institution.


MURG was established in 1998 to provide a forum for the new universities that emerged from the Further and Higher Education Act (1992). It has since gathered members from some of the colleges that have been awarded University status. MURG has 44 member institutions from across the UK.

MURG has been providing support to Modern Universities on research issues since its establishment, and its main objective is to advance research in modern universities by:

  • Promoting research, in its widest sense, and considering matters affecting research, in their widest sense, within modern universities.
  • Formulating and expressing the views of Modern Universities on such matters and making recommendations to appropriate bodies
  • The circulation of relevant information affecting research and the modern universities

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to run workshops, conferences and also free consultation events for our membership to promote the discussion and the development of best practice in managing research in the modern university context.

MURG’s aims are to:

  • Sustain a vibrant and influential network of senior decision makers from participant universities
  • Provide a forum for debating all issues related to the sustainability of the research base in the modern university sector
  • Enhance collaboration between members through sharing ideas and best practice
  • Engage with TICs, Europe and other funding agencies with a focus on research quality, relevance and impact
  • Represent effectively views regarding research from our member institutions delivering on sub-regional through to global agendas
  • Promote effective knowledge transfer and sustainable commercialisation
  • Be an influential force for lobbying and influencing policy makers on key issues relevant to our membership

MURG is also a nominating body for the Research Excellence Framework.

For further information on our executive committee, member universities and key contacts at each university, please go to the “About MURG” page.

Our events are excellent networking opportunities, a source of best practice ideas and a forum for the discussion of all other aspects of research in post-92 universities, held under Chatham House Rules.

For examples of previous events, please see our events archive.

If you have comments or questions, or simply need more information and want to contact us please email us on:


or ring our administrator, Dr Helen Rolph, on:

0141 534 3123

Alternatively you can write to us at:

MURG Administrator

2/1, 10 Caird Drive

Glasgow, G11 5DS

You can also follow MURG on Twitter  

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