MURG Research blog: Research At Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University (BU) acknowledges that research is a vital component for underpinning a high quality curriculum and for maximising our contribution to regional and national economies. Building on our research strengths and research potential, we have several Centres of Research, focused on specific areas of interest, already gaining national and international recognition. These centres are multi-disciplinary, professionally-related areas embodying the BU spirit of cross-school collaboration and support and eight of our subject areas produce research recognised as world-leading. 


Research at BU is organised around eight society driven research themes, which bring together our outstanding research talent to tackle some of society’s key challenges and enrich the world in which we live. We have extensive experience of working with local, national and international organisations, businesses, and communities, to find bespoke solutions to real challenges.

We are keen to work with organisations and businesses to understand the challenges they face, and through our research themes, provide the opportunity to access our entire portfolio of expertise, services and facilities.


We offer a range of services to support organisations, including consultancy, research and development, training and professional development, student placement opportunities, and facilities and equipment for hire. To find out more about BU research, take a look at our award winning blog:

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