Glyndŵr University Research Online Repository

What is a repository?  This is usually the first question people ask when I tell them I am the Repository Manager at Glyndŵr University.

 I have heard it called a “filing cabinet for researchers work”, and a “store for old dusty books”.  I suppose the first description is slightly more accurate, but leaves a lot to be desired. 

 I would describe it as an online database that stores researchers work, including previously published journal articles, book chapters, conference papers and much more.  It allows anyone with access to the web the opportunity to read this work for free, benefiting many via the transfer of knowledge, creating possibilities for collaboration and showcasing the university’s research. 

 As for storing old books, some of the work has been published within the same month, in journals that you have to subscribe to, so it also contains very current research.

 By monitoring the statistics we know that the repository is being accessed by people from all over the world, and many are taking advantage of the chance to download the full text articles with one simple mouse click, all for free. With 52,450 downloads in the past year, this helps to enhance the authors research profile and publicise their work.

 All the work on our repository is authored by our staff, peer reviewed and many entries offer full text versions (the others all link to the publisher’s website where the work can be purchased).

 Take a look at the site here the good news is that it grows each day, and is one of a number of “open access” research repositories not just in the UK but throughout the world.

By: Misha Jepson, Graduate School and Research Services Co-ordinator, Glyndŵr University

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