Cognitive Systems and Robotics: Forthcoming EU research funding



 Cognitive Systems and Robotics: Forthcoming EU research funding

An Informative event to be held at Department for Business Innovation and Skills Conference Centre 1 Victoria Street, London

Friday 2nd December 2011 from 10:00 to 16:00

This Information day will address the Cognitive Systems and Robotics research challenge described in the FP7 ICT Workprogramme, Objective 2.1, which is scheduled to open with an 80M€ budget in ICT Call 9 on 18 January 2012.

The principal speaker will be Libor Kral, Head of Unit “E5″ of the European Commission’s DG INFSO based in Luxembourg which is responsible for the Cognitive Systems and Robotics research challenge in the current ICT Workprogramme.

The agenda for the day will address the three sub objectives featured in this call:-

Cognition and control in complex systems;

Gearing up and accelerating cross-fertilisation between academic and industrial robotics research;

Speeding up progress towards smarter robots through targeted competitions.


Delegates will obtain a good briefing on these research opportunities, guidance on finding partners and support in proposal creation. Speakers from Commission funded projects in this domain will share their experiences and future aims. In addition early views of future Commission plans will be voiced.

Delegates from the UK, all Member States and beyond are welcome. There will be ample opportunity for networking, information gathering and one to one dialogues.

This workshop takes place on the Friday of EU Robotics week during which a major wide appeal event will be taking take place at The Science Museum in Kensington, which is just 30 mins away on the underground.

Programme Title






About Today

Lee Vousden

Department for BIS


Collaborative research Call 9 and its environment

Peter Walters



Cognitive Systems and Robotics in call 9

Libor Kral



Questions and Answers




Directions in Artificial Cognition: new thoughts on thinking

Alan Winfield

Bristol Robotics Lab


Our experience in FP and ECHORD

Rich Walker

Shadow Robot Ltd


Participation Collaboration and Application

Neil Sandford

Putting People Before Computers



Real Robots in the real world

Rodolphe Gelin

Aldebaran Robotics

Cognitive techniques for Autonomic Control of Large-Scale Communication Systems

Phil Bull

BT Innovate and Design

Whatever Next

Geoff Pegman


Summary and Close

Peter Walters


One to Ones as required



To register for this free event please click the following link which will take you directly to the event registration page on Survey Monkey:

Please note that spaces are limited. Following receipt of your completed registration form, confirmation of your booking will be provided.

The event is presented and organised by: The UK ICT National Contact Point, BIS, and the

Technology Strategy Board

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